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Only  $129.95

New for 2019 

Available at this incredibly low introductory price for a limited time. Camo clothing like no other.

Backwoods Ninja Coverall – Facemask – Beanie hat – Gloves / full bundle hunting clothes 


Customer Reviews

"This is by far the best suit I or anyone from my team has ever had. You can't go wrong with Elusion Camo."

Joe Hopwood

"Without A doubt the most ADVANCED CAMO on the market. ABSORBS and REFLECTS light just the same as NATURE does. You become your environment."

Eddie Fields

"I have worn just about every kind/type of camo under the sun. This weekend was the first with Elusion Camo. The biggest pro's for me is comfort, scent protection, quiet, proven pattern, and last but not least proper pocket placement. Elusion checks all the boxes. Put it though the test this weekend for first time: A+"

Chris Carr

"I have been wearing Elusion Camo this year in Kentucky and Illinois. it blends in perfectly in every environment that I have hunted. Great Camo Pattern and the clothing is the most comfortable outifit you will ever wear"

Anthony Coffey

"I received my Elusion Camo suit in the mail today and I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you! Im telling you this camo is better than great! It's truly a great addition to the hunting industry, TOP NOTCH !!! Much appreciated. Keep up the good work. God is on your side !"

Laine Baker

"I have taken my Elusion Camo coveralls and wrapped it around a few different species of trees and it's astonishing at way it just seems to blend right in with the bark. Plus, it looks just as amazing in sunlight as it does in the shadows. You will not be disappointed with Elusion Camo."

Kerry Rogers

"I'm excited to use my new Elusion camo suit ! Ive hunted since I was a kid and have worn many patterns to achieve the goal of blending in, I'm happy to finally own a camo that has achieved the task of helping hunters blend in to there surroundings. If your not wearing Elusion your not blending in!"

Brandon Houston

"My order was in after just 5 days and Awesome camo pattern on an incredibly durable, well built suit and accessories !!! No question about it, Elusion camo has raised the bar !!!"

Troy Bowers

"Everything about Elusion camo rock from the Shipping, price, quality and the pattern image too.. Top notch all the way!"

Frankie Mueller

"I never made a review but I will now.I got my suit in just 7 days from order date. I love this camo. Ever since I got my Elusion Camo I have never felt more invisible in the woods . Both bucks this year harvested under 10yds . One in stare down for like 2 min but just ignored me and I harvested him . Very happy with system . Thank u"

Michael Trigg

"This Forest Ghost camo is awesome! fast shipping too and in the camo You really do become the woods. It blends in so well you get away with movement to pull the shot off. So far this season I have videoed 4 doe under 12 yards with them looking my direction, I was able to move around some and went undetected!! Then had a doe walk right to me, stopped at 24 yards, then moved my camera with my elbow at full draw, again with her looking my direction and went undetected again!! She's in my freezer now! Elusion has me sold for sure! The big camo companies should be sweating, there a new sheriff in town and you won't see'em coming!!"

Terry Ward

"Love my elusion camo. It arrived in under 7 days and the patterns provide optimum concealment in any season under any conditions. The quality of construction is outstanding. Very durable, very comfortable. With the ability to change color to match the area really makes it a suit that can’t be beat. Keep up the good work."

Mike Buchheit

"It's hard to sum up in a few short sentences, but I am more than happy with the Elusion camo Forest Ghost gear. I have been trying to hunt an area on my family ranch off and on for about 7 years now. No matter what I have tried the deer always seems to pick me up. But this year is a different story. Once I got my Elusioncamo Forest Ghost gear in I decided I would try that spot again. On a Sunday morning I got in early and headed to the stand. For once I got to the stand without a deer blowing at me. I wasn't in the stand 10 mins and I could see deer moving around. The deer never picked me off, even when looking right at me and I was moving too !!!. I went back that evening and I had deer all around me and the wind was blowing. Once again I wasn't picked up. I had deer 15 yards from me. With the Elusion Camo pattern plus the some scent control you will Get Gone !!"

Stephanie Pixler

"Wow this is the world's greatest camo just got my suit today. Actually seen the camo on fabric in front of me .Can't wait to shoot some ducks with it. Elusion camo, you and your team make some amazing camo patterns. Mossy Oak and Realtree have nothing on you guys .Get ready you guys are about to take the world by storm"

Scott Perry

"From my experience it can be used in the spring through to the fall and in most areas that any one would want to go to harvest any type of game. The patterns are well done, and it is the best bang for your buck. Great product"

Paul Edwards

"After meeting the guys from Elusion Camo, you have to see it to believe it, but there is no other camo on the market that works like this stuff! Can't wait to start wearing mine! A big thank you,for showing me why and exactly how it works, a big thanks to the Elusion Camo crew,Unsurpassed camo pattern technology !"

Tom Yeager

"If u havent tried this camo u are missing out! No lie the deer dont even know u are there. If they do see u move they still cant make u out. Best in the business hands down!"

Chuck Chrissy Board

"There is no substitute for Elusion Camo! If your not rocking it out in the woods well then we will see you out there and so will the critters!"

Michael Hunt

"Well finally got to see the Camo in person. It's legit. Looking forward to getting out in the field with it. Owners are stand up people."

Derek Gray

"The best Camo patterns I've seen... taking nature and turning it into a pattern never seen! Become the woods... Get Elusion Camo!"

Eric Morris

"Some of the greatest guys I've known and the best Camo on the market."

Eric E. Morris

"Got mine today!! Camo is amazing!! Can't wait till the season begins!!!"

Justin Myers

"This is the most amazing camo I have never seen ! I ordered mine and it came in 5 days ! I have had deer turkeys and even pileated woodpeckers so close i think I could have reached out and touched them. My hunting partners couldnt see me just yards away either. this is like being the predator from the movies !"

John Hook Smith

"Hands down best image camo Y'all need to remember these suits are just coveralls so you can wear when its hot outside or layer up under it. Great people running this company, hard working honest family guys. great stuff keep up the good work !"

Jena Marie

"Best quality. Best patterns. Technology that is unsurpassed"

Shawn Michael Crook

"Turkeys don't stand a chance."

Jeff Wilson

"You guys rock!"

Jarred Tate Cartwright

"This Camo u could hunt with anywhere."

Andy Lavender

"I feel this is the BEST camo on the market. Head and shoulders above anything out there."

Steve Cononie

"Been using Elusion for 4 seasons now, nothing compares and making 5 yard shots on some amazing animals has made me a firm believer"

Gaston Gonzalez

"This is the game changer for all hunters."

Eric Webster

"Have seen lots of camo patterns but none better or even close to Elusion Camo for the hard woods of the northeast. Where I Turkey and deer hunt. Big thumbs up from Buckeye Headhunters here in Southern Ohio"

Donald N Vickie Barnett

"In my opinion the best new camo on the market today totally undetectable"

Roger Graham

"Talk about a camo that blends into to everything! I can honestly say that I have never been spotted wearing this awesome pattern."

Seth Gade

About Us

Welcome to Elusion Camo, Home of the worlds most advanced camo pattern technology. The pattern imagery system was designed by Lee Dufresne of Vermont in response to the need for a realistic and reactive camo pattern technology that would actually allow the user to be perceived as a natural element when in a natural setting. The systems have been in use for over 15 years and have been proven across North America and abroad including Africa and Australia. When you replicate nature as accurately as we have here at Elusion Camo, good things are bound to happen and we are extremely proud to offer this technology to our customers and future customers to be.  We hope you too will join the growing family of Elusion Camo users and Get Gone on your next adventure into the outdoors. Elusion Camo is not just for hunting, its ability to completely erase the human form in any season and natural setting makes it extremely versatile for other outdoor activities such as Paintballing, hide and seek on a grand scale, Birdwatching and of course just being undetectable by visual means. Highest quality hunting clothes and camo accessories

Elusion Camo produces a fully Functional Camo pattern system, not a fashion statement. Elusion Camo patterns are a non repeating linear based High definition image that has been proven to defeat the visual acuity of all birds, game animals and even domestic pets. The patterns use all natural Hi-def images that replicate nature to perfection. The patterns are reactive by design, this being the ability to absorb and reflect light in any natural setting during any season.  We have come to call this amazing attribute-” Absflection Technology”   The ability to absorb and reflect light and colors around the camo pattern in a natural setting just like other natural elements do throughout the day and season. You will experience the woods like never before once you enter wearing an Elusion Camo pattern outfit. You will actually become one with the woods.

Get into your Elusion Camo today and Get Gone, because you will literally vanish into the surroundings.